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We at Evincible Solutions expertise in MS Dynamics Great Plains implementation, customization and have provided many organizations with Microsoft Dynamics GP – as a complete enterprise solution, with key capabilities such as Financial Management, HR Management, and Business Intelligence. Our business solution has helped these organizations achieve greater visibility and control, to make them more informed and smarter. Most of our clients need some customization’s to be done in this ERP solution to make the product compatible with their business processes. We have worked on numerous customization’s a few of which are listed on this page.

Project Details

Client Numerous Organizations in KSA, Pakistan & US Skills MS Dynamics GP, .Net,Database Management

New Item Creation Verification Process

  • An approval process for new item creation in GP was developed our team. Whenever a new item is created in Microsoft Dynamics GP, emails are sent to concerned individuals to login and verify the item information.
  • These items will remain inactive unless verified.
  • Option to verify the item is visible to eligible users only, as defined by the business.

MXP and AMOS Interface to Microsoft Dynamics

  • On a business need, we automated the process of interfacing data between different systems.
  • One of the features was, Automatic Batch Posting of Purchasing Receipts in GP. Using the Receipts created in their MXP/AMOS systems, we created PO and their corresponding receipts in GP through a daily integration job.
  • After successful posting of batches, Posting Journals are emailed to a set of pre-defined email addresses.
  • Our customization had a feature to automatically post Payable Batches, posting reports are emailed to pre-defined email address.

Auto Posting of General Entry

  • For a project we developed automatic login to Microsoft Dynamics GP for posting General Entries. This involved integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP with a Cashiering System as per the business need.

Create User in Active Directory against GP Employees

  • In this customization, we created a user in Active Directory for each employee created in MS Dynamics GP.
  • User created in AD uses either a combination of first and last name of Employee or a field is provided to fill in the info.
  • If Employee is deleted from from MS Dynamics GP its corresponding user in AD is also deleted.
  • There is possibility to mark an employee as “Inactive AD User” from the Employee Maintenance window.

Payables Batch Approval Process & Auto Electronic Funds Transfer Generation

  • This was a two step approval process for approving Payable batches using a web page and auto generation of EFT.
  • Payables Batch Entry window was customized with a button called ‘Submit For Approval’.
  • Logged in user submits the batch of origin ‘Computer Check’ for approval using the custom button.
  • On this event emails are sent to pre-defined Approvers. We have used a web page Approvers setup, requesting to approve batch for further processing.
  • Once batch has been approved by two approvers, an email is sent to the user who initiated Paybales batch approval request. GP than auto logs in to print ‘Payable Checks’.
  • If batch is not fully applied by 03.00 PM, email reminders are sent to all the approvers or to those who haven’t approved the batch yet.
  • At 06:00 PM daily, our job begins and logins to GP with the desired user account and generated EFT files.
  • On the generation of EFT files, notifications are sent to the user who requested for batch approval.
  • EFT output files are later encrypted and uploaded to bank ftp.
  • At 06.30 PM, GP auto logs in again to process/upload ‘Safe Pay/Positive Pay’ files to the bank.

Multi-Currency Payment Custom Window

  • One of our customers having a multi currency business needed a way to know the total amount they would need for making check payments grouped by different currencies, in order to be able to identify the amount of various currencies they need to buy.
  • To accomplish this requirement we created a  custom window which lets the user pick invoices from various vendors that are going to be paid in different currencies and can print a report as well.

Custom Billing Order Customization

  • One of our clients from Telecommunication industry, wished to have a billing solution which enables them to record the custom orders and maintain their financials.
  • The services/link  (items in GP)  they provide to their customer had different attributes like link origin/destination/type/bandwidth etc. and based on these attributes and subsidiary  investment on each link is calculated to find the total charges for the service/link. these charges are distributed/allocated to the subsidiaries.
  • Taxes are calculated based on taxes defined for each subsidiary.
  • The customization also allows to generate different type of invoices (First bill/Final bill/Monthly invoices) against these orders.  The invoice generated from the customization also includes inter-company distribution.
  • Return Utility is also available to create Sales Returns for posted invoices.

Mass Apply Utility For Receivable Documents

  • Instantly applies all non applied receivable documents.
  • Custom window in Dynamics GP was created to provide different selection criteria, such as Customer range or document date range or document type to apply the receivables.

Restrict Sales Batch Posting for invoices having no Tracking Number

  • This customization was done in order to prevent the Posting of SOP documents where a Tracking Number does not exist.
  • On Posting, a window pops up asking to either review transaction or exclude any or all documents having blank tracking number check and process posting or simply post the batch for only those transactions having tracking number.

Process Automation in Dynamics GP

We have automated the following processed in Dynamics GP for numerous clients;

  • Automate the ‘Reconcile Receivable Amounts’ process.
  • Automate the ‘Reconcile Inventory Quantities’ process.
  • Automate the ‘Receivables Aging’ process.
  • Automate the ‘Paid Sales Transaction Removal’.
  • This is implemented for multiple companies, GP will automatically login and logout.

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