Project Description

We have customized our application Resource Experts® for this client to meet their Human Resource policies and standards. Since Resource Experts® has been built in compliance with Saudi Labor law, very little customization was needed to implement the system for our client’s business model. Using the web portal, our client’s HR and Finance team manages their employee payroll and human resource activities which results in increased productivity across the workforce and provides business intelligence reports. All the financial transactions are sent to Microsoft Dynamics GP in real-time – saving the hassle of transferring information and maintaining data sanctity.

Project Details

Client MAQNA Skills MS Dynamics GP, .Net,Database Management


For this client we have created key HR indicators presented graphically on a dashboard which can be used for decision making purposes. Dashboard also presents requests from employees of their company and some other critical analytics.


For the recruitment process our client utilizes customized Resource Experts® Recruitment module which works as a complete recruitment solution from generating requests for new resources to hiring the right ones.

Employee Data Management

This serves as a single source for all Employee related information. Using this module HR team at MAQNA can view/manage all master information of an employee such as his/her contact details, ID numbers, Hiring date, Employment type, Company, Sponsor, Labor File details, Immediate Manager, Dependents, Insurance,Contract Details and a lot of other info!

Employee Orientation

In Employee Orientation our client has defined their personalized checklist for the orientation program with start and finish dates and assigned it to the relevant departments and employees.

Performance Evaluation Reviews

Performance Evaluation module allows the team to review an employee’s performance at their business defined intervals and on need basis during the entire employment life cycle.

Request Center

We have customized 22 predefined requests for the business process of this client. This feature allows the employees to login and submit their requests and keep a track of all their recent and archived requests.


Personalized Workflows were created as per our client’s company policies. These Workflows standardize the process of requests sent from the employees to HR team and make the process quick and efficient.

Leaves Management

Leave Management helps to maintain coverage and ensure productivity while honoring employee leave requests. Department Supervisors can easily compare same day requests, analyze departmental schedules and coverage, and assess pending and scheduled leave for the employee.

Attendance Management

Attendance module is designed for supervisors and managers to be able monitor attendance during work hours, and for employees to be able to view their own attendance record. In case of this project, employees are marked as “Present”, “Absent”, “Late”, or “Excused” as per the records fetched from their attendance machine.

Loans Management

This module is used to record and track all loans acquired from the company and banks. For Bank Loans, Loans module offers functions for mapping the complete loan process for loans given and loans taken, from calculating interests for a loan to scheduling installments and transferring to end of service module. For Company Loans, this module allows to manage the complete loan process for loans given, from entering data for new loans, making payment schedules, delaying deductions and settling loans right through the loans module and transferring data to the payroll module.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management module deals with the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period. This module is integrated with MS Dynamics GP . Analytics and reporting makes it easy to drill into payroll details and run audits.

End of Service Management

Resource Experts® provides solutions for the processes that need to be followed when an employee decides to leave or is terminated. We have defined an exit checklist as per the policies of our client and assigned it to the relevant departments and users. End of Service settlement options and tools are provided in Resource Experts® which help in smooth and quick end of service settlements. The application also provides the ease to calculate end of service amount as per the policy of the company and region’s labor law.

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