Service Module Implementation – MS Dynamics CRM

Project Description

We implemented MS Dynamics CRM and customized its Service module to map the business need of our client. In this solution we developed an online portal for providing support services to customers. These customers used to login to the web portal and register the products they have purchased. As soon as a customer registers on this portal; we created their account in CRM and tagged their record with the product(s) this customer had purchased. Now whenever a complain or questions is created by a customer on the web portal a Case is created in MS Dynamics CRM and sent to the relevant support team Queue.

Project Details

Project Info In Collaboration with Partner   Skills MS Dynamics CRM, .Net, Sql Database Management, Webservices,SSRS, Crystal Reports

Customer Registration

Upon successful registration of the customer on our web portal, this information is saved in CRM and is accessible to the support team

Register Product Warranty

After registering, customers login and register warranty of the products they have purchased for support. These warranty and products data is sent to MS Dynamics CRM for the Sales and Support team’s instant use.

View Registered Warranties

Customers can view all the warranties they have registered on the web portal and our Sales and Support team can access the same info on MS Dynamics CRM on a click!

Service Case

Once the customer and warranty is registered the customer can create service cases from the Web Portal and these are sent to MS Dynamics CRM in real time for the support team to begin working as soon as a case is created by customer.

View Service Cases

Customer can view and update the cases he created from the Web Portal. As soon as a Case is updated by the customer; Cases in MS Dynamics CRM are updated in real time ensuring sanity of data and quick turnover of the support team.

Custom Workflow

We implemented custom Workflows as per the client’s business process flows for a service case resolution cycle.

Integration with MS Dynamics GP

We integrated MS Dynamics CRM with MS Dynamics GP which they are using as financial ERP. All the payment receipts made in CRM are posted in Dynamics GP in real-time. Customers data is also synced to ensure both the system present same information.

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