Shatri Online Sales Portal

Project Description

Our client Shatri Store required an online Sales Management System integrated with MS Dynamics GP to faciliate their Sales team and increase conversion. Using the product developed, Salespersons from Shatri Store can place orders online  ensuring accuracy of the orders and avoiding time lags. All the orders are sent to Microsoft Dynamics GP in real-time – saving you the hassle of transferring information and maintaining data sanctity. Sales team can create Quotations, Orders, Invoice and Returns. They can keep tabs on the prices with respect to price levels and available quantities for the items and most importantly can view Sales History for a customer.

Project Details

Client Shatri Store Skills MS Dynamics GP, .Net,Database Management


Dashboards available in Evincible Online Sales Portal is a tool that offers you valuable insights to help you run your business more efficiently.

Know your Customers

You can view, modify and search Customers created in GP from Evincible Online Sales Portal. Viewing customer information, loyalty program status and customer statements makes this feature valuable.

Sales Orders

Create, modify and review Orders directly from Evincible Online Sales Portal. You can submit the orders and create delivery notes with a click of a button!


Create and modify Quotations from Evincible Online Sales Portal with the facility of printing the Quotation with a click of a button!

Inventory Tracking

Using Evincible Online Sales Portal you can directly check for the item availability while creating an Order.

Payment Receipts

When a customer pays you against an Order, you can directly create Payment Receipt from Evincible Online Sales Portal.

Monitor Deliverables

Using Evincible Online Sales Portal you can view Items that are Ready to be Delivered and transfer Orders to Delivery Notes.

Manage Returns

Evincible Online Sales Portal allows you to create a Return against an existing Invoice when needed.


Using Evincible Online Sales Portal you can print Invoices, Cash Receipts, Delivery Notes, lists and search results. You can also print the Statement of Account for an individual customer or a list of customers at once.

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